Vanessa Lopez

Shiatsu Therapist (Iokai Shiatsu)

Member of Swiss Association of Shiatsu

Registered at EMR and ASCA

What is Shiatsu?

From Japanese: finger pressure
Shiatsu is a physical therapy based on Traditional Chinese Medicine. It is performed on a clothed person, on a futon on the floor.
It consists of applying pressure with the thumbs or with the palms of the hands on specific body areas, the meridians. They are unseen pathways through which our vital energy, «ki» in Japanese, flows. They connect the surface of the body and internal organs.
Shiatsu also uses gentle articular movements and stretching.
These specific touches on the body aim to restore ki flow in the meridians, which in turn has a direct impact on organic functions, psychological balance and the body’s natural ability to heal.

Can help with the following:

  • Muscle stiffness or joint pain
  • Headaches, migraines
  • Digestive problems
  • Menstrual or menopausal disorders
  • Pregnancy and post-partum
  • Sleeping disorders
  • Exhaustion, chronic fatigue
  • Burnout, depression, trauma, stress, anxieties
  • Do In

    From Japanese:
    Do = to open the passages
    In = to move, to stretch out the limbs
    Do In (also called Self-Shiatsu) is a Japanese movement practice connected to shiatsu. It consists of making the joints, the muscles and the tendons move in order to «open the passages» and make ki, our vital energy, flow. This helps to release physical and mental tensions and to strengthen vitality which leads to well-being and relaxation.
    To be specific, the Do In course is made of self-massage, stretching and breathing exercises. It is a gentle practice that is suitable to everyone, there is no contraindication.


    Mondays 18h45–19h30


    15 CHF/ course


    Musikpalast Klybeck
    Altrheinweg 38
    4057 Basel
    Musik Palast ←


    Body work has always been in the center of my life. I discovered dance when I was a child and I fully committed myself to it in order to become a dancer. I had the chance to make that dream come true and to live enriching experiences during my career. The aspect I love the most about dance is understanding and mastering the mechanical workings of the body. My curiosity has progressively broadened out to all other aspects of the body: physiological, psychological, energetic… to the human being as a whole.
    I’ve seen the benefits of dance or movement in general for certain physical or psychological problems. The thought of relieving various disorders with a body-based approach is the reason why I decided to turn to physical therapy.
    I chose shiatsu because I was fascinated by ki, I wanted to be able to feel that unseen energy, to understand its movements and to work with them. I also enjoy the direct contact between the practitionner and the jusha*, the non-verbal communication that exists between the two, similar to a dance duo. Finally, I’ve been interested in Chinese and Japanese philosophy for a long time.
    I set up my practice in 2017 and I happily combine shiatsu practice with dance teaching.
    In parallel to my professional activities, I continue my exploration of the body, movements of ki and asian philosophy through practicing Taiji, Qi Gong and zen meditation.

    *a «jusha» is a person who receives shiatsu treatment


    A 60 minutes shiatsu session costs 120 CHF.
    My services are reimbursed by most of complementary insurances. Ask your insurance for further information. For people who don’t have any complementary insurance, the session costs 100 CHF.


    Appointements by email or phone call.
    If you are unable to attend an appointment, please cancel at least 24h in advance.
    Cancellations in less than 24 hours or at short notice will be charged at the full price.
    Languages: English, German, French


    A voucher for a 60 minutes shiatsu session costs 100 CHF.
    Order by email or phone call.


    Address and contact

  • Vanessa Lopez
  • Atelier Oetlinger
  • Oetlingerstrasse 69
  • CH – 4057 Basel
  • +41 076 596 49 54

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